Polarization properties of fluorescent BSA protected Au25 nanoclusters.

  title={Polarization properties of fluorescent BSA protected Au25 nanoclusters.},
  author={Sangram Raut and Rahul Chib and Ryan Michael Rich and Dmytro Shumilov and Zygmunt Karol Gryczynski and Ignazy. Gryczynski},
  volume={5 8},
BSA protected gold nanoclusters (Au25) are attracting a great deal of attention due to their unique spectroscopic properties and possible use in biophysical applications. Although there are reports on synthetic strategies, spectroscopy and applications, little is known about their polarization behavior. In this study, we synthesized the BSA protected Au25 nanoclusters and studied their steady state and time resolved fluorescence properties including polarization behavior in different solvents… CONTINUE READING