Polarization-independent wideband mixed metal dielectric reflective gratings.

  title={Polarization-independent wideband mixed metal dielectric reflective gratings.},
  author={Anduo Hu and Changhe Zhou and Hongchao Cao and Jun Wu and Junjie Yu and Wei Jia},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={51 20},
A polarization-independent wideband mixed metal dielectric grating with high efficiency of the -1st order is analyzed and designed in Littrow mounting. The mixed metal dielectric grating consists of a rectangular-groove transmission dielectric grating on the top layer and a highly reflective mirror composed of a connecting layer and a metal film. Simplified modal analysis is carried out, and it shows that when the phase difference accumulated by the two propagating modes is odd multiples of π/2… CONTINUE READING

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