Polarization-gradient cooling of 1D and 2D ion Coulomb crystals

  title={Polarization-gradient cooling of 1D and 2D ion Coulomb crystals},
  author={M. Joshi and Andrea Fabre and Ch. Maier and Tiff Brydges and Dominik Kiesenhofer and H. Hainzer and Rainer Blatt and Christian F. Roos},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
We present experiments on polarization gradient cooling of Ca$^+$ multi-ion Coulomb crystals in a linear Paul trap. Polarization gradient cooling of the collective modes of motion whose eigenvectors have overlap with the symmetry axis of the trap is achieved by two counter-propagating laser beams with mutually orthogonal linear polarizations that are blue-detuned from the S$_{1/2}$ to P$_{1/2}$ transition. We demonstrate cooling of linear chains of up to 51 ions and 2D-crystals in zig-zag… Expand

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