Polarization-dependent SERS effects of laser-generated sub-100 nm antenna structures.

  title={Polarization-dependent SERS effects of laser-generated sub-100 nm antenna structures.},
  author={Limei Chen and Tianrui Zhai and Xinping Zhang and Claudia Unger and J{\"u}rgen Koch and Boris N. Chichkov and Peter J. Klar},
  volume={25 26},
Sub-100 nm antenna arrays consisting of a star-like ridge or dome-like structures with needles in their centers are prepared in thin gold films on glass substrates using femtosecond laser pulses. The needles can be bent mechanically to be horizontally aligned to the substrate surface. Controlled variation of the pulse energy allows one to obtain nanostructures of different defined morphologies. These arrays of nanostructures are covered with a thin homogeneous layer of rhodamine molecules… CONTINUE READING

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