Polarization control of absorption of virtual dressed states in helium

  title={Polarization control of absorption of virtual dressed states in helium},
  author={Maurizio Reduzzi and Johan Hummert and Antoine Dubrouil and Francesca Calegari and Mauro Nisoli and Fabio Frassetto and Luca Poletto and Shaohao Chen and Mengxi Wu and Mette B. Gaarde and Kenneth Joseph. Schafer and Giuseppe E. Sansone},
The extreme ultraviolet absorption spectrum of an atom is strongly modified in the presence of a synchronized intense infrared field. In this work we demonstrate control of the absorption properties of helium atoms dressed by an infrared pulse by changing the relative polarization of the infrared and extreme ultraviolet fields. Light-induced features associated with the dressed 1s2s, 1s3s and 1s3d states, referred to as 2s+, 3s± and 3d± light induced states, are shown to be strongly modified or… CONTINUE READING

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