Polarization-agile microstrip antenna array using a single phase-shift circuit

  title={Polarization-agile microstrip antenna array using a single phase-shift circuit},
  author={Shun-Shi Zhong and Xue-Xia Yang and Shi-Chang Gao},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation},
A novel polarization-agile microstrip antenna array is proposed, in which the polarization agility from linear to circular polarization for the whole array is realized easily by controlling a single phase-shift circuit. Using the corner-fed square patch element, a new 16 element dual-polarized array with high isolation and low cross-polarization is designed and analyzed by the extended multiport network method. A special FET phase shifter circuit is created, where 0/spl deg/ or 90/spl deg… CONTINUE READING


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