Polarization-Independent Microcavity with Two Phase Layers


In this work microcavity model of tunable VCSEL is produced. The microcavity structure with active region limited by liquid crystal phase layers. Polarization independence is achieved by setting different preorientation of liquid crystal molecules in two layers. The resonance wavelength tuning possibility of such microcavity is investigated. Estimation of the tuning on the modal threshold gain is performed.

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@article{Dyomina2006PolarizationIndependentMW, title={Polarization-Independent Microcavity with Two Phase Layers}, author={Irina Dyomina and Aleksandr Dyomin and Igor A. Sukhoivanov and Vladimir Tkachenko}, journal={2006 International Workshop on Laser and Fiber-Optical Networks Modeling}, year={2006}, pages={497-498} }