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Polarity Disturbance in Regenerationof Bryopsis by Colchicine

  title={Polarity Disturbance in Regenerationof Bryopsis by Colchicine},
  author={Singo Nakazawa and R Sasaki},

Ionic Currents During Regeneration of Thallus and Rhizoid From Cell Segments Isolated From the Marine Alga Bryopsis.

Evidence suggests that the C1- -migration system involves an energy-dependent and Mg2+ -dependent process and that a large part of the currents was carried by C1-.

Chemical Control of Cellular Polarity in Root Hair Formation in Gibasis geniculata

Before formation of the root hair, in Gibasis geniculata (Tahitian bridal veil), the cell of young root epidermis is unequally cloven into two daugaher cells, one is shorter containing full of