Polarimetry of sunspot penumbrae with high spatial resolution

  title={Polarimetry of sunspot penumbrae with high spatial resolution},
  author={N. Bello Gonz{\'a}lez and O. V. Okunev and I. Dom{\'i}nguez Cerde{\~n}a and Frederike Kneer and Katharina Puschmann and Geismarlandstr Universit{\"a}ts-Sternwarte},
We present two-dimensional high-spatial-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of sunspot penumbrae. They were obtained in April 2002 and May 2003 with the “Göttingen” Fabry-Pérot spectrometer at the Vacuum Tower Telescope at the Observatorio del Teide (Tenerife). Speckle methods were applied for image reconstruction which resulted in a spatial resolution of 0. ′′5 in the magnetograms of the penumbrae. We analysed Stokes I and V profiles of the Fe  6149 Å line, which exhibits no… CONTINUE READING