Polar and lateral flagellar motors of marine Vibrio are driven by different ion-motive forces

  title={Polar and lateral flagellar motors of marine Vibrio are driven by different ion-motive forces},
  author={Tatsuo Atsumi and Linda McCartert and Y. Imae},
  • Tatsuo Atsumi, Linda McCartert, Y. Imae
  • Published 1992
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • VARIOUS species of marine Vibrio produce two distinct types of flagella, each adapted for a different type of motility1. A single, sheathed polar flagellum is suited for swimming in liquid medium, and numerous unsheathed lateral flagella, which are produced only under viscous conditions, are suited for swarming over viscous surfaces2-3. Both types of flagella are driven by reversible motors embedded in the cytoplasmic membrane. Here we report that the energy source for the polar flagellar motor… CONTINUE READING
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