Poissons' ratio of lung parenchyma and parenchymal interaction with bronchi.

  title={Poissons' ratio of lung parenchyma and parenchymal interaction with bronchi.},
  author={Javed Butler and Mari Nakamura and Hidetada Sasaki and Takahiko Sasaki and Tamotsu Takishima},
  journal={The Japanese journal of physiology},
  volume={36 1},
A simple theory of lung elasticity and its interaction with bronchi was developed which led to the specific results. The experimental procedure for establishing these results used lobar bronchi from excised dog lungs, following Takishima, et al. ((1975) J. Appl. Physiol., 38: 875-881). First, we found a semi-direct technique for measuring Poisson's ratio (sigma) of lung parenchyma and the effect of lung parenchyma on bronchi (interdependence). Sigma was measured at 0.424 +/- 0.045; no… CONTINUE READING

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