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Poisson-Lie duals of the $\eta$-deformed $\mathrm{AdS}_2 \times \mathrm{S}^2 \times \mathrm{T}^6$ superstring

  title={Poisson-Lie duals of the \$\eta\$-deformed \$\mathrm\{AdS\}\_2 \times \mathrm\{S\}^2 \times \mathrm\{T\}^6\$ superstring},
  author={Ben Hoare and Fiona K. Seibold},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We investigate Poisson-Lie duals of the $\eta$-deformed $\mathrm{AdS}_2 \times \mathrm{S}^2 \times \mathrm{T}^6$ superstring. The $\eta$-deformed background satisfies a generalisation of the type II supergravity equations. We discuss three Poisson-Lie duals, with respect to (i) the full $\mathfrak{psu}(1,1|2)$ superalgebra, (ii) the full bosonic subalgebra and (iii) the Cartan subalgebra, for which the corresponding backgrounds are expected to satisfy the standard type II supergravity equations… 
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