Poisson's ratio and the densification of glass under high pressure.

  title={Poisson's ratio and the densification of glass under high pressure.},
  author={Tanguy Rouxel and Hyun Soo Ji and Tahar Hammouda and Alain Mor{\'e}ac},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={100 22},
Because of a relatively low atomic packing density, (Cg) glasses experience significant densification under high hydrostatic pressure. Poisson's ratio (nu) is correlated to Cg and typically varies from 0.15 for glasses with low Cg such as amorphous silica to 0.38 for close-packed atomic networks such as in bulk metallic glasses. Pressure experiments were conducted up to 25 GPa at 293 K on silica, soda-lime-silica, chalcogenide, and bulk metallic glasses. We show from these high-pressure data… CONTINUE READING

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