Points in the geological history of the islands Maui and Oahu

  title={Points in the geological history of the islands Maui and Oahu},
  author={James D. Dana},
  journal={American Journal of Science},
  pages={103 - 81}
  • J. Dana
  • Published 1 February 1889
  • Geology
  • American Journal of Science
"The subjects prominently illustrated by the islands Maui and Oahu are: the conditions of extinct volcanoes in different stages of degradation; the origin of long lines of precipice cutting deeply through the mountains; the extent and condition of one of the largest of craters at the period of extinction; and the relation of cinder and tufa cones to the parent volcano. The other islands of the group present facts bearing on these subjects, but the writer's knowledge of them is too imperfect for… 
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