Pointing following in dogs: are simple or complex cognitive mechanisms involved?

  title={Pointing following in dogs: are simple or complex cognitive mechanisms involved?},
  author={Angel M. Elgier and Adriana Jakovcevic and A. Mustaca and M. Bentosela},
  journal={Animal Cognition},
  • Angel M. Elgier, Adriana Jakovcevic, +1 author M. Bentosela
  • Published 2012
  • Psychology
  • Animal Cognition
  • Domestic dogs have proved to be extremely successful in finding hidden food following a series of human social cues such as pointing (an extended hand and index finger indicating the location of the reward), or body position, among many other variants. There is controversy about the mechanisms responsible for these communicative skills in dogs. On the one hand, a hypothesis states that dogs have complex cognitive processes such as a theory of mind, which allow them to attribute intent to the… CONTINUE READING
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