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PointNLM: Point Nonlocal-Means for vegetation segmentation based on middle echo point clouds

  title={PointNLM: Point Nonlocal-Means for vegetation segmentation based on middle echo point clouds},
  author={Jonathan Li and Rongren Wu and Yiping Chen and Qing Zhu and Zhipeng Luo and Cheng Wang},
Middle-echo, which covers one or a few corresponding points, is a specific type of 3D point cloud acquired by a multi-echo laser scanner. [...] Key Method First, using a convolution classification method, the proposed type of point clouds reflected by the middle echoes are identified from all point clouds. The middle-echo point clouds are distinguished from the first and last echoes. Hence, the crown positions of the trees are quickly detected from the huge number of point clouds. Second, to accurately extract…Expand


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