Point-and-edge model for edge-preserving splatting


We introduce the point-and-edge model for edge-preserving modeling and rendering. Besides a set of surface points, the point-and-edge model also includes edge points representing the sharp edges in the model. The surface points and the sharp edges are relatively independent of each other. We present a feedback algorithm to simplify the point-and-edge model with bounded error based on an edge-preserving clustering method. An efficient constrained splatting method is used to preserve the sharp edges in the rendering, regardless of the surface point density.

DOI: 10.1007/s00371-007-0098-7

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@article{Zhang2007PointandedgeMF, title={Point-and-edge model for edge-preserving splatting}, author={Haitao Zhang and Arie E. Kaufman}, journal={The Visual Computer}, year={2007}, volume={23}, pages={397-408} }