Poetics of diaspora: Sahrawi poets and postcolonial transformations of a trans-Saharan genre in northwest Africa

  title={Poetics of diaspora: Sahrawi poets and postcolonial transformations of a trans-Saharan genre in northwest Africa},
  author={Tara F Deubel},
  journal={The Journal of North African Studies},
  pages={295 - 314}
  • Tara F Deubel
  • Published 1 March 2012
  • Art
  • The Journal of North African Studies
The oral poetic tradition in Hassaniya Arabic emerged as a distinct trans-Saharan genre in present-day Mauritania in the pre-colonial era, fusing stylistic features of classical Arabic poetry with the musical heritage and griot1 traditions of neighbouring sub-Saharan cultures. As a popular musical art performed in a colloquial dialect, Hassani poetry is accessible to a range of social classes, and mastery of composition signifies linguistic prowess and social prestige. Drawing on ethnographic… 

The Strategy of Style: Music, Struggle, and the Aesthetics of Sahrawi Nationalism in Exile

The Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), as a contested post-colonial state built entirely in exile, has forged a national identity based on collectivist notions of political struggle, cultural


Drawing from ethnographic fieldwork done mainly in the Saharawi refugee camps and the development of “Portraits of Saharawi Music” (2013–2014), a collaborative music archiving and research

Unveiling the Colonial Gaze: Sahrāwī Women in Nascent Nation-state Formation in the Western Sahara

Sahrāwī women were rendered virtually absent in Spain’s colonial record of its Western Saharan territories, and this has since been ossified in generational layers of scholarship in the postcolonial

‘Returnees’ and political poetry in Western Sahara: defamation, deterrence and mobilisation on the web and mobile phones

ABSTRACT This paper explores the relationships between literature, migration and politics in Western Sahara, in a context of a four-decade decolonisation conflict. Since a few years, some Polisario

International Archives and National Music Competitions: The Preservation of an “Endangered” Musical Heritage in the Saharawi Refugee Camps (Southwest Algeria)

The preservation of cultural practices within the framework of the UNESCO ICH lists has been tied to the protection of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and community identity. Moreover, it

Connected Sahrawi refugee diaspora in Spain: Gender, social media and digital transnational gossip

While there is increasing scholarly attention given to the impact of digital technologies on forced migration, the points of view and situated experiences of refugees living in the diaspora are

Mediascapes of Human Rights: Emergent Forms of Digital Activism for the Western Sahara

Author(s): Deubel, Tara F. | Abstract: In the disputed Western Sahara territory that has remained under Moroccan state control since 1975, Sahrawi political activists who promote self-determination

Mobilities of Cinematic Identity in the Western Sahara

Sahrawi cinema has not been afforded much critical attention and can hardly be considered a national cinema by commonly used standards. The concept of such a cinema must be an inclusive one,


ABSTRACT The streets of Kankossa's busy daily market often ring with laughter as female vegetable vendors joke with each other and passersby. This joking comes at a time when gender roles are

Gifts that Recalibrate Relationships: Marriage Prestations in an Arab Liberation Movement

ABSTRACT Enduring scholarly interest in the social relations of gift exchange has, following Mauss, emphasised how gifts make relationships. Where gifts break relationships, their ethnographic

Peaks of Yemen I Summon: Poetry as Cultural Practice in a North Yemeni Tribe

In this first full-scale ethnographic study of Yemeni tribal poetry, Steven Caton reveals an astonishingly rich folkloric system where poetry is both a creation of art and a political and social act.

Heroic Poets, Poetic Heroes: The Ethnography of Performance in an Arabic Oral Epic Tradition

Heroic Poets, Poetic Heroes: The Ethnography of Performance in an Arabic Oral Epic Tradition. By Dwight Fletcher Reynolds (Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press, 1995. Pp. xviii + 243, foreword

The Moral Resonance of Arab Media: Audiocassette Poetry and Culture in Yemen

In a groundbreaking study of contemporary Arab political poetry, Flagg Miller provides a wide range of insights into the ways that modern media aesthetics are shaped by language and culture.

Literature and violence in North Arabia

Preface Part I. The Epoch of Near-Eastern Pastoral Nomadism in Arabia: 1. The ethnography of Near-Eastern tribal societies 2. The personal voice and the uncertainty of relationships 3. The

Berber Culture on the World Stage: From Village to Video

In this nuanced study of the performance of cultural identity, Jane E. Goodman travels from contemporary Kabyle Berber communities in Algeria and France to the colonial archives, identifying the

Gender on the Market: Moroccan Women and the Revoicing of Tradition

List of Figures Transcription and Transliteration Acknowledgments: Possession by Three Spirits Introduction: The Dialogic Enterprise of Women in Changing Social Contexts PART ONE. WOMEN IN THE MARKET

Ethnic Groups and Boundaries: The Social Organization of Culture Difference

The seven brief essays appearing in this collection were, with a few others, originally written for a symposium held in Bergen in 1967. They bear the marks of a well-prepared and well-managed

Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution

The Western Sahara conflict has proven to be one of the most protracted and intractable struggles facing the international community. Pitting local nationalist determination against Moroccan

The oral tradition of classical Arabic poetry: Its character and implications

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