Poetic justice or petty jealousy? The aesthetics of revenge

  title={Poetic justice or petty jealousy? The aesthetics of revenge},
  author={Thomas M. Tripp and Robert J. Bies and Karl F. Aquino},
  journal={Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes},

“Righteous” Anger and Revenge in the Workplace: The Fantasies, the Feuds, the Forgiveness

Revenge is part of the social fabric of organizational life. For many, revenge is typically viewed as an irrational, if not evil, response, to events in the workplace. However, there is an emerging

The Benefits, Costs, and Paradox of Revenge

In this article, we examine the psychology of revenge. We begin by discussing challenges associated with defining revenge. We then review the relative costs and benefits associated with taking

Real-life revenge may not effectively deter norm violations

Results revealed that real-life revenge is by and large equally common, but is usually a delayed response, and although similar to offenses in severity (according to independent parties), it is dissimilar in the domain.

Payback: The parameters of revenge in romantic relationships

This investigation explored the provocations that spark intimates’ desires for revenge, the kinds of vengeful responses they enact, and the motives that underlie decisions to retaliate. Eighty-five

A Vigilante Model of Justice: Revenge, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, and Avoidance

Once a working relationship is damaged through an act of injustice, how do the victim and offender repair their relationship? What causes the victim to let go of the anger and resentment and then

The Revenge of Conscience in John Grisham's A Time to Kill

            This research paper presents the main theme of the revenge of conscience in John Grisham’s A Time to Kill (1989) is connected with the law especially when the law is misused by statesmen

We All Seek Revenge: The Role of Honesty-Humility in Reactions to Incivility

Based on the theoretical foundations of equity theory, we assess two potential responses to coworker incivility – an overt means of revenge (i.e., increase in interpersonal deviance) and a covert

An Extended Model of Moral Outrage at Corporate Social Irresponsibility

A growing body of literature documents the important role played by moral outrage or moral anger in stakeholders’ reactions to cases of corporate social irresponsibility. Existing research focuses

Legal Implication of Revenge Killing and its Relation to Terrorist Ideologies

The study examines legal implication of revenge killing and it’s relation to the terrorist ideologies. Vengeance is basic human instincts which tantamount to the terrorist ideologies. Individuals or



The Fourth Arm of Justice: The Art and Science of Revenge

This paper explores retribution both from the perspective of justice, as well as the reciprocity norms on which assessments of justice and injustice are based. It has suggests three primary

Inequity In Social Exchange

Official and unofficial culture: Verbal art and the art of revenge

generalized terms, plays at least two significant roles. First, literature itself, we must assume, is ostensibly constructed or derived from memory. As Uspensky observes in understated fashion: The

The discovery of grounded theory: strategies for qualitative research aldine de gruyter

Most writing on sociological method has been concerned with how accurate facts can be obtained and how theory can thereby be more rigorously tested. In The Discovery of Grounded Theory, Barney Glaser


The authors investigated the relationship between organizational justice and organizational retaliation behavior—adverse reactions to perceived unfairness by disgruntled employees toward their

A passion for justice : emotions and the origins of the social contract

This text argues that justice is a virtue which everyone shares - a function of personal character and not just of government or economic planning. It uses examples from Plato to Ivan Boesky, to

The adolescent as forgiver.

Antisocial behavior in organizations.

The Role of Frustration in Antisocial Behavior at Work - Paul E Spector At the Breaking Point - Robert J Bies, Thomas M Tripp and Roderick M Kramer Cognitive and Social Dynamics of Revenge in