Podoplanin ( D 2-40 ) is a Reliable Marker of Urinary Bladder

  title={Podoplanin ( D 2-40 ) is a Reliable Marker of Urinary Bladder},
  author={Michel Kana and Libor Zamecnik and Zdenka Valov{\'a}},
Podoplanin, D2-40, has been described in a variety of normal and neoplastic tissues. It is often used for highlighting lymphatics. We evaluated the expression of podoplanin in α-smooth muscle actinpositive myofibroblasts producing the suburothelial layer in tunica propria of the urinary bladder that have some similar features with telocytes. Our results showed that these cells demonstrate distinct D2-40 immunoreactivity from telocytes occurring in the renal pelvis and ureter. We observed… CONTINUE READING


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