Podophyllotoxins: Current Status and Recent Developments

  title={Podophyllotoxins: Current Status and Recent Developments},
  author={Yalamati Damayanthi and J. William Lown,},
  journal={Current Medicinal Chemistry},
Podophyllotoxin is a natural product isolated from Podophyllum peltatum and Podophyllum emodi and has long been known to possess medicinal properties. Etoposide (VP-16), a podophyllotoxin derivative, is currently in clinical use in the treatment of many cancers, particularly small cell lung carcinoma and testicular cancer. This compound arrests cell growth by inhibiting DNA tope­ isomerase II, which causes double strand breaks in DNA. VP-16 does not inhibit tubulin polymerization, however… 
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Podophyllotoxins: current status and recent developments.

This article review, the progress of podophyllotoxins from its early applications in folk medicine to the most recent modifications and the mechanism(s) of action, pharmacology and the structure-activity relationships.

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