Poder y vigilancia en los videojuegos Power and Surveillance in Video Games Poder e vigilância nos vídeogames

  title={Poder y vigilancia en los videojuegos Power and Surveillance in Video Games Poder e vigil{\^a}ncia nos v{\'i}deogames},
  author={H{\'e}ctor Puente Bienvenido and Cost{\'a}n Sequeiros Bruna},
In this article we explore the history of video games (focusing on multiplayer ones), from the perspective of power relationships and the ways in which authority has been excesiced by the game industry and game players over time. From a hierarchical system of power and domain to the increasing flatness of the current structure, we address the systems of control and surveillance. We will finish our display assessing the emergent forms of production and relationships between players and… CONTINUE READING

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