Poésie des trobairitz et stratégies énonciatives. La métaphorique temporelle

  title={Po{\'e}sie des trobairitz et strat{\'e}gies {\'e}nonciatives. La m{\'e}taphorique temporelle},
  author={Esther Ouellet},
  • E. Ouellet
  • Published 1 May 2010
  • Philosophy
  • Florilegium
The corpus of the trobairitz, or women troubadours, varies from edition to edition, depending on the traditional criterion that writing can be attributed only to a woman whose existence has been historically proven. This article offers a textual approach to the issue, and a comparative analysis between the enunciation of the trobairitz and the troubadours, based on Weinrich's theory on the use of the conditional and subjunctive. Whether speaking of unfulfilled desire, unattainable happiness, or… 



Diminishing the Trobairitz, Excluding the Women Trouvères

In 1 979 appeared an article that has attained seminal status among trobairitz scholars: Pierre Bee's "'Trobairitz' et chansons de femme. Contribution à la connaissance du lyrisme féminin au moyen

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The last two pages (fol. 149) of the Old Proven^al Chansonnier V (Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, francesi App. cod. XI) contain a unique poem, beginning Tanz salutz et tantas amors (P.-C. 42a),

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This groundbreaking anthology brings together for the first time the works of women poet-composers, or trouveres, in northern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Refuting the long-held

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La revision metonymique de la misogynie courtoise a travers les «trobairitz» : Na Castelloza, Beatrice of Dia, Azalais de Porcairagues, Garsenda...

Songs of the Women Troubadours

Table of Contents: Foreword by W. S. Merwin, Preface, Introduction, Manuscripts Consulted, Bibliography, Note on the Texts, Note on the Translations, Cansos, Tensos, Sirventes, Planh, Salut d'Amor,

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Die Beihefte zur Zeitschrift fur romanische Philologie zahlen zu den renommiertesten Fachpublikationen der Romanistik. Sie pflegen ein gesamtromanisches Profil, das neben den Nationalsprachen auch

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Acknowledgements Note on the text Concordance List of abbreviations 1. Life of Giraut de Borneil 2. Cansos and Canso-Sirventes 3. The Cansos 4. The Canso-Sirventes 5. Canso of doubtful attribution 6.