Pneumatocele selar a tensión: Reporte de un caso y revisión de la literatura

  title={Pneumatocele selar a tensi{\'o}n: Reporte de un caso y revisi{\'o}n de la literatura},
  author={A Agust{\'i}n Campero and Pablo Marcelo Ajler and Ezequiel Dario Goldschmidt and Dami{\'a}n Claudio Bendersky and Abraham Campero},
  booktitle={Surgical neurology international},
BACKGROUND Tension pneumocephalus is uncommon after transsphenoidal surgery. There are only few cases reported in the literature in which the air was located at the sellar region exclusively, constituting a sellar pneumocele. In this article, an unusual case of a late onset tension sellar pneumocele is reported. CASE DESCRIPTION A 57-year-old woman… CONTINUE READING