Pneumatic system for pressure probe measurements in transient flows of non-ideal vapors subject to line condensation

  title={Pneumatic system for pressure probe measurements in transient flows of non-ideal vapors subject to line condensation},
  author={Camilla Cecilia Conti and Alberto Fusetti and Andrea Spinelli and Paolo Gaetani and Alberto Guardone},
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Shock loss measurements in non-ideal supersonic flows of organic vapors

This paper presents the first ever direct measurements of total pressure losses across shocks in supersonic flows of organic vapors in non-ideal conditions, so in the thermodynamic region close to



Experimental evidence of non-ideal compressible effects in expanding flow of a high molecular complexity vapor

Supersonic expansions of a molecularly complex vapor occurring within the non-ideal thermodynamic region in the close proximity of liquid-vapor saturation curve were characterized experimentally for

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Organic Rankine Cycle is a mature technology for many applications e.g. biomass power plants, waste heat recovery and geothermal power for larger power capacity. Recently more attention is paid on an

Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems: From the Concept to Current Technology, Applications, and an Outlook to the Future

The cumulative global capacity of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) power systems for the conversion of renewable and waste thermal energy is undergoing a rapid growth and is estimated to be approx. 2000

A Fundamental Derivative in Gasdynamics

The quantity which is here called the fundamental derivative has been defined as the nondimensional form Γ≡12ρ3c4(∂2Υ/∂P2)s. The relation of Γ to other thermodynamic variables is discussed. It is

Equations of State for Technical Applications. I. Simultaneously Optimized Functional Forms for Nonpolar and Polar Fluids

New functional forms for multiparameter equations of state have been developed for non- and weakly polar fluids and for polar fluids. The resulting functional forms, which were established with an