Pneumatic retinopexy. A long term follow-up study.

  title={Pneumatic retinopexy. A long term follow-up study.},
  author={Curtis Lisle and Kim Mortensen and Anne Katrin Sj\olie},
  journal={Acta ophthalmologica Scandinavica},
  volume={76 4},
PURPOSE We have analysed the results of 48 consecutive cases of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment treated with pneumatic retinopexy in a long term follow-up study. RESULTS Thirty six of the original 48 patients were available to follow-up. We had an average follow-up period of 8.1 years and a 75% 7 year follow-up. Single operation success was achieved in 83% of patients. Redetachment occurred in 3 patients at 11, 30 and 33 months. Complications found included new breaks in 14%,, cystoid… CONTINUE READING

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