Pluto ’ S Inclination Excitation by Resonance Sweeping

  title={Pluto ’ S Inclination Excitation by Resonance Sweeping},
  author={Renu Malhotra},
Pluto’s peculiar orbit -its large eccentricity and its 3:2 mean motion resonance lock with Neptune -is best understood within the planet migration and resonance sweeping scenario proposed in Malhotra (1993) [1]. In this scenario, Pluto is supposed to have formed in a low-eccentricity low-inclination orbit in the primordial planetesimal disk beyond Neptune. The model proposes that during the late phases of the formation of the giant planets, an outward migration of Neptune’s orbit caused the… CONTINUE READING
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Planetary and Space Science, in press

  • R. Malhotra
  • 1997
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