Plug with Einpasshebel

  title={Plug with Einpasshebel},
  author={Toshiaki Okabe and Tetsuya Yamashita and Masaru Haibara-gun Fukuda},
A plug (10) having Einpasshebel comprises two connectors (20, 30) which are fitted to each other, and a lever (40) which lies between the two plugs (20, 30) and an actuating force acting on an actuating area (43) is applied is, in a fitting force between the two connectors (20, 30) converted. In the connector with Einpasshebel (10) of the lever (40) rotatably mounted on the first connector (20) pivotally supported and an engagement portion (60) which is engageable with the lever (40) is (on the… CONTINUE READING