Ploidy, ascus formation and recombination in Torulaspora (Debaryomyces) hansenii

  title={Ploidy, ascus formation and recombination in Torulaspora (Debaryomyces) hansenii},
  author={Johannes Petrus van der Walt and Maureen B. Taylor and N. v. d. W. Liebenberg},
  journal={Antonie van Leeuwenhoek},
X-ray inactivation studies on the type strain of Torulaspora hansenii carried out to determine ploidy, provided proof that the species has a haplontic life cycle, a fact which hitherto has only been presumed. Observations on the genesis of the ascus by light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy provide no evidence for, what some earlier workers in this field have presumed to be, heterogamous conjugation between a mother-cell and its bud. They do, however, show that asci, bearing… CONTINUE READING