Plio-Pleistocene sedimentation in West Turkana (Turkana Depression, Kenya, East African Rift System): Paleolake fluctuations, paleolandscapes and controlling factors

  title={Plio-Pleistocene sedimentation in West Turkana (Turkana Depression, Kenya, East African Rift System): Paleolake fluctuations, paleolandscapes and controlling factors},
  author={Alexis Nutz and Mathieu Schuster and Doris Barboni and Ghislain Gassier and Bert Van Bocxlaer and C{\'e}cile Robin and Th{\'e}a Ragon and Jean‐François Ghienne and Jean-loup Rubino},
  journal={Earth-Science Reviews},

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The Turkana Basin preserves a long and detailed record of biotic evolution, cultural development, and rift valley geology in its sedimentary strata, one of dynamic landscapes responding to environmental influences, including tectonics, volcanic activity and climate.
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The Turkana Depression of northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia contains voluminous plume-related basalts that mark the onset of the Paleogene–recent East African Rift System (EARS) at ca. 45 Ma.
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  • Environmental Science, Geography
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The hypothesis that hominins evolved in savanna mosaics that changed through time, and suggest that the evolution of bovids and hom inins was driven by shifts in climatic instability and habitat variability, both diachronic and synchronic, is supported.
Evidence for an early Plio-Pleistocene rainforest expansion in East Africa
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