Pliny's Historia naturalis. The Most Popular Natural History Ever Published

  title={Pliny's Historia naturalis. The Most Popular Natural History Ever Published},
  author={E. W. . Gudger},
  pages={269 - 281}

Evolutionary Psychology and Artificial Intelligence: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Behaviour

This chapter postulates how AI impacts contemporary societies on an individual and collective level by teasing apart the current actual impact of AI on society from the impact that the authors' cultural narratives surrounding AI has.

Good versus Evil: Representations of the Monstrous in Thirteenth Century Anglo-French Apocalypse Manuscripts

This paper examines one of the oldest ideological conflicts of all time: that between the divine powers of good and evil in the Book of Revelation, as represented in thirteenth century Anglo-French

Sloths of the Atlantic Forest in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The first drawing of the maned sloth is presented, completed 206 years before the official taxonomic description, to validate the first description of the sloth.

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969

Aborigenes [78]. according [155]. Action [39, 72]. actuelle [87]. actuelles [107, 84]. Acvaghosa [8]. Aegypten [30]. Aether [126]. Agnes [42]. al [11]. Albert [45]. alcune [51]. Algerien [30]. alla

Pliny's defense of empire

Introduction. 1. The Structure of Pliny's Natural History 2. Plinian Man 3. Pliny's Defense of Empire. Conclusion: Pliny's Redemption

Plinio en España: panorama general

Natural History left prints in Spain in art and language, and above all in scientific  and literary texts of different ages. Divulgation of Pliny’s work is described chronologically through

The R oman Ethnozoological Tradition: Identifying Exotic Animals in Pliny's Natural History

It is suggested that the manuscript should be rewritten in a chapters-by- chapters format to facilitate more detailed discussion of the background work and its aims and aims.

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Portentous fantasies : Pliny's representation of the Magi in the Historia Naturalis

This study examines Pliny the Elder's representation of the Mag i in the Historia Naturalis. It seeks to determine not only who the Magi were in Pliny's estimation but also how they were construed in