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Plexr In Acne Treatment

  title={Plexr In Acne Treatment},
  author={Geleki Stamatina and Tsioumas G. Sotiris and Vranou Aglaia},
Acne vulgaris is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous follicles, which occurs mainly in adolescence and adulthood and is characterized by comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and often scars . Available treatments are divided into local and systemic. Plexr is an innovative technique both in aesthetic medicine and in treating skin and other diseases. After 2 years of treatment by plexr to patients with acne, it was found that it can provide good results on all types of acne… 
Complications of Noninvasive Upper Lid Blepharoplasty (Plasma Exeresis(Plexr)): A Case Series and Mini- Review of the Literature
Clinical presentations, diagnostic evaluation, treatment options, and clinical outcomes as they relate to Complications of Noninvasive Upper Lid Blepharoplasty (Plasma Exeresis (Plexr)).
Non Invasive Blepharoplasty with Plasma Exeresis (Plexr) Pre/Post Treatments
The following examination was directed for six months, in the Blepharoplasty and Non Invasive Eye Lid Surgery with Plexr. The objective has been the research of anesthesia in the zone of the eyelids
The results obtained allow to consider the method of BSL tissues plasma ablation applying Plexr® device effective, safe, non-traumatic, inexpensive, with a short period of tissue healing (7—10 days).
CASE REPORT: The impact of Plasma Exeresis after fillers complication on the lips
The Plasma Exeresis can be considered as an innovative method which can heal and restore problematic cases and accelerates the damage repair, the wrinkles softening and the skin fibers regeneration.
Combination of Autologous Treatments for NonâÂÂInvasive Blepharoplasty and NonâÂÂSurgical Full Face Lift
This article will analyze how the authors can have a full face lift with blepharoplasty, in a natural way, bloodless, without cuts or stiches, and is the next step in soft surgery applications.
Autologous Threads and Plasma Exeresis Technique for Total Facial Reconstruction (Internal and External) - HLH Therapy
This article evaluates how to have a full face lift with blepharoplasty, in a universal way, bloodless, without any cuts or stiches, and co-extensive activity of these two therapies (autologous threads with Needle Shaping Techniques and sublimation and shrinking of elastic fibers using Plasma Exeresis concurrently) is the structure of the HLH methodology.
Hybrid Lifting Homologous Therapy® (HLH THERAPY®) A New Step in Natural Face Lift
This parallel application of these two separate therapies (autologous threads with Needle Shaping Technioques and sublimation and shrinking of elastic fibers with the use of Plasma Exeresis in the same time) is the synthesis of the HLH methodology.
Focus on Plasma The application of plasma devices in aesthetic medicine
  • Medicine
  • 2017
Plasma medicine is a relatively new discipline that combines physics with medicine and already has quite a varied application, including sterilisation of implants and surgical equipment, disinfection, wound healing and treatment of skin cancers.


Noninvasive Upper Blepharoplasty In Relation To Surgical Blepharoplasty
It was observed that after three years of surgery upper eyelid appeared three incidents who were subjected to surgery and needed small eyelid correction and Plexr was proposed because patients can repeat the technique many times as they wish if deemed necessary by the scientist.
An increased incidence of Propionibacterium acnes biofilms in acne vulgaris: a case–control study
Propionibacterium acnes can be involved in inflammatory acne and is a disorder of the sebaceous follicles of acne vulgaris.
Acne and sebaceous gland function.
Establishment and characterization of an immortalized human sebaceous gland cell line (SZ95).
SZ95 is an immortalized human facial sebaceous gland cell line that shows the morphologic, phenotypic and functional characteristics of normal human sebocytes.
Establishment and Characterization of an Immortalized Human Sebaceous Gland Cell Line (SZ95)1
SZ95 is an immortalized human facial sebaceous gland cell line that shows the morphologic, phenotypic and functional character-istics of normal human sebocytes.
Pathophysiology of premature skin aging induced by ultraviolet light.
Multiple exposures to ultraviolet irradiation lead to sustained elevations of matrix metalloproteinases that degrade skin collagen and may contribute to photoaging.
Transforming growth factor-&bgr; and connective tissue growth factor: key cytokines in scleroderma pathogenesis
TGF-neutralizing strategies have now been shown to abrogate many animal models of fibrosis, and will soon reach the clinical arena for SSc, which will further clarify the role of this ligand in initiating or sustaining fibrosis and offer the exciting possibility of targeted therapy for this disease.
Hyaluronan binding by cell surface CD44.
It is shown that hyaluronan binding at the cell surface is a complex interplay of multivalent binding events affected by the size of the multivalent hyaluranan ligand, the quantity and density of cell surface CD44, and the activation state of CD44 as determined by cell-specific factors and/or treatment with CD44-specific monoclonal antibody (mAb).
Mitochondrial disease--its impact, etiology, and pathology.