Pleomorphic adenoma-like tumour of the breast.

  title={Pleomorphic adenoma-like tumour of the breast.},
  author={Emad A Rakha and Mohammed A. Aleskandarany and Rehab Monir Samaka and Zsolt Hodi and Andrew H. S. Lee and Ian O. Ellis},
  volume={68 3},
AIMS Pleomorphic adenoma (PA) of the breast is a rare tumour seen usually in postmenopausal women. Although PA of the salivary glands (SG) is recognized to be a benign tumour, the nature and biology of similar tumours seen in the breast remains to be defined. The aim of this study was to describe PA of the breast that was reported on core biopsy as an invasive matrix-producing metaplastic breast carcinoma (MBC). METHODS AND RESULTS A core biopsy from a clinically malignant retroareolar mass… CONTINUE READING