Pleiotropic effects of fatty acids on pancreatic beta-cells.

  title={Pleiotropic effects of fatty acids on pancreatic beta-cells.},
  author={Esther Piltcher Haber and Helena Maria Ximenes and Joaquim Proc{\'o}pio and Carla Roberta de Oliveira Carvalho and R. A. Curi and {\^A}ngelo Rafael Carpinelli},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology},
  volume={194 1},
Hyperlipidemia is frequently associated with insulin resistance states as found in type 2 diabetes and obesity. Effects of free fatty acids (FFA) on pancreatic beta-cells have long been recognized. Acute exposure of the pancreatic beta-cell to FFA results in an increase of insulin release, whereas a chronic exposure results in desensitization and suppression of secretion. We recently showed that palmitate augments insulin release in the presence of non-stimulatory concentrations of glucose… CONTINUE READING