Pleiotropic effects of Trefoil Factor 1 deficiency.

  title={Pleiotropic effects of Trefoil Factor 1 deficiency.},
  author={Catherine Tomasetto and M C Rio},
  journal={Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS},
  volume={62 24},
Trefoil Factor 1 (TFF1), the first member of the trefoil factor family, is normally expressed in the stomach mucosa. Ectopic expression is also observed in various human pathological conditions, notably in numerous carcinomas and gastrointestinal acute inflammatory disorders. In vivo experimental data using TFF1-deficient mice highlight the pleiotropic functions of TFF1: (i) it is a gastric tumor suppressor gene involved in gastric ontogenesis and homeostasis; (ii) it protects gut mucosa from… CONTINUE READING
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