author={David M. Lubin},
  journal={American Art},
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Reconceptualizing power and gendered subjectivities in domestic cooking spaces
Drawing on evidence from the Global North and South, this paper explores the power dynamics of domestic kitchens in different geographical contexts. Noting the gendered nature of domesticity, it
Pleasure in Ancient Greek Philosophy
1. Introduction 2. Pleasure in early Greek ethics 3. Pleasure in the early physical tradition 4. Plato on pleasure and restoration 5. Plato on true, untrue and false pleasures 6. Aristotle on
Hedonism as the Explanation of Value
This thesis defends a hedonistic theory of value consisting of two main components. Part 1 offers a theory of pleasure. Pleasures are experiences distinguished by a distinct phenomenological quality.
The Sexual Pleasure View of Sexual Desire
Abstract This paper defends the ‘sexual pleasure view’ of sexual desire—that sexual desire is for sexual pleasure. It does so by explaining the various aspects of the view, especially that of ‘sexual
From the Heterogeneity Problem to a Natural‐Kind Approach to Pleasure
  • A. Broi
  • Economics
    Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
  • 2022
The heterogeneity problem, which stems from the alleged difficulty of finding out what all pleasant experiences have in common, is largely considered as a substantial issue in the philosophy of
Writing, Interpreting Fiction in South Africa: The Last 30 Years
  • M. Chapman
  • Art
    Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa
  • 2022
Responding to the theme of this issue, ‘The Last 30 Years: Looking Back, Going Forward’, the article assesses the work of several writers of fiction who have garnered attention in both South
Imaginative Culture and the Enriched Nature of Positive Experience
To understand the evolution of imaginative culture, we need to understand its unique affective power. The purpose of this article is to explain our enjoyment of imaginative culture from the
Aristotle's Ethics
This Element is an examination of the philosophical themes presented in Aristotle's Nicomachean and Eudemian Ethics. Topics include happiness, the voluntary and choice, the doctrine of the mean,
Emotion and Mental Imagery
  • Psychology
  • 2021
Both emotions and mental imagery play a crucially important role in our mental life and both have played a central role in understanding a wide variety of mental processes. Somewhat surprisingly,
Therapeutic Potentials of Poly (ADP‐Ribose) Polymerase 1 (PARP1) Inhibition in Multiple Sclerosis and Animal Models: Concept Revisiting
Cell type specific PARP1 manipulations are necessary for revisiting the role ofPARP1 in the three pathological components prior to moving PARP 1 inhibition into clinical trials for MS therapy, and points out future research directions.