Pleasure Beats: Rhythm and the Aesthetics of Current Electronic Music

  title={Pleasure Beats: Rhythm and the Aesthetics of Current Electronic Music},
  author={Ben Neill},
  journal={Leonardo Music Journal},
  • Ben Neill
  • Published 1 December 2002
  • Art
  • Leonardo Music Journal
The division between high-art electronic music and pop electronic music is best defined in terms of rhythmic content. Pop electronic music uses repetitive beats, primarily in 4/4 time, but a new generation of composers is working within that structure to create what is essentially the new art music. This phenomenon is an outgrowth of such historical currents as minimalism and postmodernism, along with the continuing development of a global technoculture; it is part of a larger cultural shift in… 

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Remarks on Computer Music Culture

Years ago, in the founding days of ASCAP, Richard Rodgers, composer of countless wonderful showtunes, is reputed to have cast "serious" composers in the collective role of the research-and-development department of the music industry.

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