Playing Pool Along the Shores of Lake Victoria: Fishermen, Careers and Capital Accumulation in the Ugandan Nile Perch Business

  title={Playing Pool Along the Shores of Lake Victoria: Fishermen, Careers and Capital Accumulation in the Ugandan Nile Perch Business},
  author={Joost Beuving},
  pages={224 - 248}
The 1990s saw the emergence of a thriving Nile perch export market from East Africa. This commercial table fish species is landed by migrant fishermen at villages that have sprung up along the shores of Lake Victoria, and then exported to overseas markets. By analysing the Ugandan perch fishery as a set of careers, the article shows that, although some fishermen have benefited from the perch boom, most face an uncertain and marginal existence. Few of them, however, move away in response… 

Chequered Fortunes in Global Exports: The Sociogenesis of African Entrepreneurship in the Nile Perch Business at Lake Victoria, Uganda

This article looks at African entrepreneurship in the Nile perch export business at Lake Victoria, Uganda. Often heralded as an economic success story, this business has perhaps another tale to tell.

Spatial diversity in small‐scale fishing: A socio‐cultural interpretation of the Nile perch sector on Lake Victoria, Uganda

This paper discusses spatial patterns in small-scale fishing in Africa. It is located in Lake Victoria where since the 1990s a vibrant Nile perch fishing for overseas export developed. Focusing on a

A gendered analysis of fisherfolk migration on Lake Victoria, East Africa

  • F. Nunan
  • Economics, Sociology
    African Identities
  • 2021
ABSTRACT Little evidence is available on the gendered dimensions of fisherfolk migration beyond the view that it is mainly male fishers who migrate. This article investigates how the gendered

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ABSTRACT As a result of the autopsy of Sierra Leone's civil war, we have become familiar with a rather dystopian vision of ‘traditional’ economic life in that region. Combatants often described their

Making a livelihood at the fish-landing site: exploring the pursuit of economic independence amongst Ugandan women

Qualitative life history data were used to explore the experiences of women who live at five fish-landing sites on Lake Victoria, Uganda to try to understand why some women are more vulnerable to violence and other risks than others and why some are able to create successful enterprises while others struggle to make a living.


Effective and efficient business and institutional arrangements are essential for every industry to position the business ventures within the value chain, show how transactions are made among

Adaptation Strategies to a Changing Resource Base: Case of the Gillnet Nile Perch Fishery on Lake Victoria in Uganda

Sustainable management of fisheries has proven to be a daunting exercise for Lake Victoria. Exploitation patterns in the fishery are driven by fishers who adopt different strategies as a response to

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This PhD dissertation covers the dynamics of floodplain fisheries in the Waza Logone floodplain (Far North region, Cameroon) and conflicts between fishers. The main objective is to understand the



The socio-economic and cultural structures of the fisherfolk communities

Fishing communities that have exploited the resource for generations constitute the main stakeholder groups in the fisheries of Lake Victoria. Several studies have examined Uganda's Lake Victoria

The Origins of the Nile Perch in Lake Victoria

The history of fishery research and management in East Africa is outlined and the circumstances that led to the introduction of the Nile perch are explored, suggesting that repeated secretive introductions were made in the mid-1950s by members of the Uganda Game and Fisheries Department as part of a bifurcated effort to improve sport fishing on the one hand and to bolster fisheries on the other.

Biodiversity and Fishery Sustainability in the Lake Victoria Basin: An Unexpected Marriage?

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Abstract Introduced into Lake Victoria in the 1950s, the Nile perch has gained fame for prompting rapid regional economic growth and for driving scores of endemic fish species into extinction. This

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Participation by stakeholders in fisheries management has become widely accepted. It is held that it increases both the effectiveness and the legitimacy of management. Many empirical studies of

Fish in Kenya: The Nile-perch chain

With the introduction of large-scale fish-processing plants in Lake Victoria, Kenya, the structure of the actor network changed considerably. The domestic chain characterized by small-scale fishermen

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