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Play as Transgression: An Ethnographic Approach to Queer Game Cultures

  title={Play as Transgression: An Ethnographic Approach to Queer Game Cultures},
  author={Jenny Sund{\'e}n},
  booktitle={DiGRA Conference},
This paper is based on an ongoing ethnography of a GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) guild in the MMOG World of Warcraft. Drawing on queer/feminist theory, the argument concentrates on sexuality as resource for 'transgressive play'. The notion of transgressive play is usually taken to mean play against the 'ideal' or 'implied' player of the game, of playing the game in ways not anticipated by design. For queer gamers, sexuality comes into play in ways that make visible the cultural… 
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AcknowledgmentsA Note on the TextIntroductionPART I: BODIES AND KNOWLEDGES1 Sexual signatures: feminism after the death of the author2 Bodies and knowledges: feminism and the crisis of reason3 Sexual
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