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Play and the Metaphors of the Body

  title={Play and the Metaphors of the Body},
  author={Siegfried Bernfeld and Willi Hoffer},
Freud's theories of psychosexual and ego development state that the ego is first and foremost a bodily ego and that, through the symbolic function, the child's organization of the world is constellated around various, maturationally determined, zones and functions of the body. This theory was a masterpiece of inference as it was based entirely on the dreams, fantasies, and free associations of Freud's adult analysands. He was able to further extend and elaborate his ideas through his… 
Sense and Clinical Sensibility
  • R. M. Billow
  • Psychology
    International journal of group psychotherapy
  • 2013
Clinical vignettes illustrate how the leader may utilize his or her particular clinical sensibility to reach the group and focus attention, to link sense to psychic qualities: to the personality of the members, the group culture and process, and the live clinical interaction.


Hermine Hug-Hellmuth, her life and work
Hermine Hug-Hellmuth was the world's first practising child psychoanalyst, making use of systematic child observation from a psychoanalytic point of view and applying psychoanalysis to education. A
The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
It is filled with anecdotes, many of them quite amusing, and virtually bereft of technical terminology. And Freud put himself on the line: numerous acts of willful forgetting or "inexplicable"
Wayward Youth
combined to produce Searchlights on Delinquency, a volume of essays, in honour of Aichhorn's 70th birthday. The editor of that book, K. R. Eissler, has written a biographical sketch of Aichhorn
Childhood and Society.
The theme of the volume is that it is human to have a long childhood which will leave a lifelong residue of emotional immaturity in man.
The Psychoanalysis of Elation
if its data were oriented around a more precise formulation of such basic questions about human nature, on which its factual observations might then have a better chance to shed light. Without this,
  • A. Freud
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
  • 1954
It is true that my clinical experience extends beyond the run of the common neuroses to character problems of all kinds, including those with severe ego deformities: to perversions, alcoholism, manifest homosexuality, etc.
Children tell stories
SUMMARY In a modern society with many possibilities people can get a feeling of insecurity and irresolution. Modern society is characterised by a seemingly unlimited array of possibilities and
The folkstories of children
What prompts children to tell stories? What does the word "story" mean to a child at two or five years of age? The Folkstories of Children, first published in 1981, features nearly five hundred
Fifty Years in Psychiatry: A Living History
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Papers on Psycho-Analysis
Thank you for reading papers on psycho analysis. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search numerous times for their chosen books like this papers on psycho analysis, but end up in infectious