Platzende Arbeiterinnen: Eine neue Art der Feindabwehr bei sozialen Hautflüglern

  title={Platzende Arbeiterinnen: Eine neue Art der Feindabwehr bei sozialen Hautfl{\"u}glern},
  author={Ulrich Maschwitz and Eleonore Maschwitz},
When disturbed mechanically, minor ofCamponotus (Colobopsis)saundersi and ofC. sp. nearsaundersi contract their gaster until it bursts at an intersegmental fold. The mandibular glands, which extend throughout the whole body, also burst releasing large quantities of a whitish yellow (C. saundersi) resp. bright yellow (C. sp. nearsaundersi) secretion. The secreted fluid is very sticky so that, e.g. attacking ants are unable to move when contaminated. The term “autothysis” (greek.: self sacrifice… CONTINUE READING

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