Platonic Quantum Set Theory Proposal and Fractal-Cantorian Heterotic Kaluza- Klein Spacetime

  title={Platonic Quantum Set Theory Proposal and Fractal-Cantorian Heterotic Kaluza- Klein Spacetime},
  author={M.S. El Naschie,},
  journal={Global Journal of Science Frontier Research},
  • M. El Naschie,
  • Published 8 April 2020
  • Physics, Philosophy
  • Global Journal of Science Frontier Research
The four basic building blocks of the cosmos hypothesized by the Athenian philosopher Plato and his corresponding theory are replaced by the backbone golden mean based scaling pertinent to each of the four kinds of blocks. In the course of doing this we stretch and generalize Plato’s philosophical ideas to ultimately find out that it is essentially the deep philosophical origin of the golden mean number system of E-infinity Cantorian spacetime theory of high energy physics and quantum cosmology… 

The hydrodynamics of quantum spacetime – The minimal essentials of a new quantum theory

The connection between fractal Cantorian spacetime and hydrodynamics [1-20] is a profound subject [16-17] which was initiated sometime ago [21-27] in numerous but relatively unsung papers by

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This short communication argues for the possibility of a complete analogy between the propagation of a quantum particle-wave in quantum spacetime and the motion of a bluff body in a perfect fluid.

Demonstrating the Basic Equivalence of a Wide Class of Fundamental Theories of High Energy Physics and Quantum Cosmology Via Transfinite Number Theoretical Fine-Tuning

– Using the technique of transfinite harmonization of E-infinity theory, i.e. number theoretical fine-tuning we demonstrate the correctness and basic equivalence of a host of leading fundamental

Fluid Turbulence Batchelor’s Law Implies Spacetime Unification of Classical and Quantum Physics*

– Classical mechanics and quantum mechanics are looked upon within an identical framework via a new physical-mathematical interpretation of a fluid turbulence model based upon a golden spiral

The Quantum Entanglement Roots of Newton’s Gravitational Inverse Square Law Via E-Infinity Platonic Transfinite Set Theory

  • M. Naschie
  • Physics
    Global Journal of Science Frontier Research
  • 2020
Using the E-infinity Cantorian spacetime formalism, i.e. transfinite platonic set theory, we show that Newton’s gravitational inverse square law strictly implies quantum entanglement and visa versa



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