Platinum-Catalyzed Reduction of DMF by 1,1,3,3-Tetramethyldisiloxane, HMeSi2OSiMe2H: New Intermediates HSiMe2OSiMe2OCH2NMe2 and HSiMe2(OSiMe2)3OCH2NMe2 and Their Further Chemical Reactivity

The use of Karstedt's catalyst to study the reduction of Me2NCHO (DMF) by the popular "dual SiH"-containing tetramethyldisiloxane, HMe2SiOSiMe2H (1), has revealed that the first step in the process involves an initial single hydrosilylation to form HSiMe2OSiMe2OCH2NMe2 (3). This intermediate is readily isolated and purified via distillation. In the… (More)