Platform Leadership: How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation

  title={Platform Leadership: How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation},
  author={Oscar Hauptman},
  pages={91 - 94}
  • O. Hauptman
  • Published 1 September 2003
  • Business
  • Innovation
Review(s) of: Platform Leadership: How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation, by Annabelle Gawer and Michael A. Cusumano (2002), Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press, ISBN 1-57851-514-9, pages xiv+305, US$29.95. Includes footnotes. 

Platform Leadership How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation

As high-tech industries become increasingly modular and interconnected--and the ability to innovate becomes the purview of just about anyone--the most successful companies are those that orchestrate

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The Role of Platforms and Platform Thinking in Open Innovation Networks

  • Ahmad Ghazawneh
  • Business
    2010 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 2010
This paper discusses the supportive roles of platforms and platform thinking concepts in the practices that take place in innovation networks based on the dimensions of translations in such networks and illustrates two practical examples of such roles.


Important further references on modularity include Langlois and Robertson, "Networks and Innovation in Modular System: Lesson from the Microcomputer and Stereo Component Industries,

  • Research Policy,
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