Platelets, endothelium-dependent responses and atherosclerosis.

  title={Platelets, endothelium-dependent responses and atherosclerosis.},
  author={Andreas Muegge and Ulrich Foerstermann and Paul Robert Lichtlen},
  journal={Annals of medicine},
  volume={23 5},
Basal release of endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF) and prostacyclin from intact vascular endothelium may inhibit continuously platelet aggregation. If local platelet aggregation occurs, platelet-derived adenine nucleotides stimulate the release of EDRF. Stimulated EDRF release may override the direct vasoconstrictor effects of other platelet products such as thromboxane and serotonin resulting in local vasodilatation. In addition, stimulation of EDRF release by adenine nucleotides may… CONTINUE READING