Plastogamy in foraminifera: Glabratella ornatissima (Cushman).

  title={Plastogamy in foraminifera: Glabratella ornatissima (Cushman).},
  author={Jere H. Lipps and Malcolm G. Erskian},
  journal={The Journal of protozoology},
  volume={16 3},
SYNOPSIS. The foraminiferan Glabratella ornatissima (Cushman) undergoes plastogamy during reproduction. In this process, 2 (or rarely more) individuals join together by their apertural sides to mutually exchange gametes. The apertural sides and internal septa are dissolved, forming a single large brood chamber. After the zygotes grow to a 2- or 3-chambered stage, the young foraminifera are liberated from the enclosing parent tests. Scanning electron micrographs and histochemically… CONTINUE READING

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