Plastocyanin: structural and functional analysis.

  title={Plastocyanin: structural and functional analysis.},
  author={Matthew R. Redinbo and Todd O. Yeates and Sajid Merchant},
  journal={Journal of bioenergetics and biomembranes},
  volume={26 1},
Plastocyanin is one of the best characterized of the photosynthetic electron transfer proteins. Since the determination of the structure of poplar plastocyanin in 1978, the structure of algal (Scenedesmus, Enteromorpha, Chlamydomonas) and plant (French bean) plastocyanins has been determined either by crystallographic or NMR methods, and the poplar structure has been refined to 1.33 A resolution. Despite the sequence divergence among plastocyanins of algae and vascular plants (e.g., 62… CONTINUE READING

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