Plastisch-chirurgische Konzepte zur Deckung von Extremitätendefekten im Rahmen der Allgemeinchirurgie

  title={Plastisch-chirurgische Konzepte zur Deckung von Extremit{\"a}tendefekten im Rahmen der Allgemeinchirurgie},
  author={Detlev Erdmann and C. Can Cedidi and Hadrian Schepler and Guenter K Germann},
  journal={Der Chirurg},
Soft tissue defects of the extremities are infrequent within the spectrum of general surgery and are predominantly found with perfusion disorders of macro- and microcirculation in the lower extremities. In the upper extremity, they are more frequently seen after i. v. cytostatic drug administration and tumor resections. This article describes the most frequent causes of complex defects of the extremities. Common flaps for the reconstruction of these defects and the pathway to decision making… CONTINUE READING