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Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Girişimlerin Psikiyatrik Yönleri

  title={Plastik ve Rekonstr{\"u}ktif Cerrahi Girişimlerin Psikiyatrik Y{\"o}nleri},
  author={Zeynep Savaş Şen and Atilla Ersoy and Savaş Serel and Murat Emiroğlu and Serdar G{\"u}ltan and Atilla Soykan},
Populer medyada plastik cerrahi, estetik ya da kozmetik cerrahi ile esdeger olarak degerlendirilir. Oysa plastik cerrahide kozmetik olanlar kadar rekonstruktif prosedurler de gerceklestirilir. Dogustan ya da sonradan olusan fiziksel deformiteler, travmaya bagli yaralanmalar, yaniklar,basi yaralari, lenfodem, tumorler ve benzer bircok kalitsal, tibbi hastaliklar ya da tedavi yontemleri sonucu ortaya cikan vucut gorunum degisikliklerinin duzeltilmesine yonelik rekonstruktif girisimler kisinin ruh… 



Rhinoplasty and its psychological implications: Applied psychology observations in aesthetic surgery

Practical criteria for selection of patients are presented, including an analysis of the surgeon's emotional reactions during the first interview, which is regarded as a relationship already interpersonal and somewhat therapeutic.

Psychological problems of adjustment to cancer of the breast.

This paper is the result of a joint investigation by a group of psychoanalysts and surgeons of the possible psychosomatic aspects of cancer of the breast and incorporates within it the surgeon's practical experience in the correct, intuitive emotional management of his many cancer patients in the past.

A Prospective Psychological Study of 50 Female Face‐Lift Patients

The desire to improve self-image and to advance in a career were reasonably reliable predictors of psychological improvement and many women showed postoperative psychological improvement.

A psychological study of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Analysis of data obtained from objective projective tests and psychological interviews indicated that patients seeking cosmetic surgery are not as psychologically disturbed as often as described, and certain disturbing personality patterns indicative of psychological risk were identified.

Changes in Psychometric Test Results Following Cosmetic Nasal Operations

It has frequently been argued that requests for cosmetic rhinoplasty, particularly in patients with minimal disfigurements, may be indicative of psychological disturbance, and corrective operations in these minimally disfigured patients are contra-indicated.

The sooner the better: a study of psychological factors in women undergoing immediate versus delayed breast reconstruction.

Patients who had reconstructive breast surgery at the time of mastectomy (immediate) or within 1 year (early) had significantly less recalled distress about their mastectomy than those who had it

Aesthetic surgery: effects of rhinoplasty on the social perception of patients by others.

The hypothesis that aesthetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty produce improvements in physical attractiveness that foster more favorable personality attributions by others was largely supported--for male and female perceivers of patients of both sexes and various ages.

The Psychological Impact of Immediate Breast Reconstruction for Women with Early Breast Cancer

The results support the conclusion that immediate breast reconstruction is accompanied by a lower incidence of psychological morbidity postoperatively, and it is recommended that immediate breasts reconstruction be offered as an alternative to women with early breast cancer.