Plastic Surgery: Investment in Human Capital or Consumption?

  title={Plastic Surgery: Investment in Human Capital or Consumption?},
  author={Soohyung Lee and Keunkwan Ryu},
  journal={Journal of Human Capital},
  pages={224 - 250}
Beauty has been shown to be valuable in many markets and supposedly can be improved through plastic surgery. This raises the question of how effective plastic surgery is in improving a person’s beauty and economic outcomes. We find empirical evidence that while people improve their facial beauty through plastic surgery, the associated monetary benefits from beauty premiums in labor and marriage markets are not high enough for most men and women to recover the surgery costs. This finding… 

Beauty pays but does investment in beauty? Despite the large returns from an attractive appearance, the cost- effectiveness of investment in beauty is ambiguous

Being beautiful gives a person an advantage in many settings. Attractive people earn more and have an easier time getting hired. People spend large amounts of money on goods and services to enhance

Beauty pays but does investment in beauty

Being beautiful gives a person an advantage in many settings. Attractive people earn more and have an easier time getting hired. People spend large amounts of money on goods and services to enhance

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D Dwelling not merely on the ideal occlusion, the results could be enhanced by analysing the whole-face to improve the overall treatment outcome.

The Influence of Western Culture on Plastic Surgery Consumption in South Korea

  • J. Kwak
  • Political Science
    Journal of Gynecology and Womens Health
  • 2021
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